EMIGRAPHIA The ten-year long extermination of sense in the Balkans has generated millions of displaced people. Microuniverses of traumas and suffering are scattered all over the world and yet out of perception of their surrounding. Stifled, the experience of dislocation doesn't find reflection neither in the media mirror - already distorted - nor in the confrontation with the norms of another locus. EMIGRAPHIA is mapping this experience. Images, sounds and spatial action are the tools for handling the overwhelming data. The view is the navigation device, pointed at both directions: outwards as well as inwards. The view is at once the weapon in the battle for the preservation of those directions. For, the intersection point of the inner and the outer experience is at the same time the point of their encounter and annihilation - the blind spot. In the mechanism of totalitarian systems, the principle of the blind spot is among the crucial ones. The blind spot exists as a physiological guarantee that the border between the outside and the inside will be maintained; that the personal stance will not penetrate the surrounding; that the data will not inhabit the memory of the individual; that amnesia will rule.